Thursday, 30 January 2014

Date Number 3 was a Charm

OK, so if you've been following my dating life, coffee meet ups haven't been going so well. I survived but they were a disaster. I guess the third one is the charm because I had the best time last night.

I took a different approach this time, I set up a coffee meet up with a guy that was 'not' my type physically and much smarter than the bad boy type who usually attracts me. I thought oh he's a 'nice' guy, you know the type who end up being a good friend instead of a boyfriend. Turns out, he was interesting, so interesting in fact, that coffee turned into dinner, which turned into an evening stroll on the dock.

Usually, when I come across a 'nice' guy online all they have to say to me is how beautiful I am or how much they want to take care of me, if I'd just give them the chance. I know I'm good looking, I don't need guys telling me or fawning it over me to stroke my ego. I may be at the poverty level and looking at moving out into a crummy apartment, but I can take care of myself thank you. Sure, it would be nice to have a guy who would take care of me, but it's not something I put on my wish list of things I want in a man. It's something I would like in a long term relationship with someone I fall in love with for other reasons.

What made this 'nice guy' different? He was interesting. We had amazing deep conversations about the world, life, theology, etc. He was a complete gentleman and didn't go fawning over my 'look.' He wasn't into hook ups and knew where my eyes were, he never let his fall to my chest. It was a great feeling to be treated as an intelligent respectable woman, and not some guys wet dream.

I am not looking for a serious long term relationship right now, but he has made the short list. Maybe I can be attracted to 'nice' guys after all. Did I mention he could kiss, like all the way down to your toes kiss?

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