Monday, 13 January 2014

I Survived My 1st Date in 20 Years

OK, so I wouldn't really call it a date. I met him and we hung out at a park talking and it was nice. He was intelligent, stylish, had a great accent, an amazing body and was cute. We talked about our online dating experiences for about half an hour and then he wanted to go find somewhere dark to park my car, not his car, my car. This experience will make it into book 4 of my series, The Game of 51.

I am now 99.9% sure he is married.

He is still wearing his wedding ring and calling his supposed ex, his wife. I am separated and I make a point to call my husband my ex because that is what he is to me. I even stopped in at his work and left a message with the receptionist that his ex stopped by. He was not impressed and let me know how stupid I was for letting everyone at his work know that we were no longer together.

Well Mr. Married, as I now call him, did message me asking when he could see me again and little polite me messaged back politely. Truthfully, I'm in no hurry to see him again. Not even for a storyline. I am not interested in being the other woman, ever, even if you are on a break.

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