Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I Give Men Stomach Cramps

This really cute athletic guy messaged me quite a while ago and we've been messaging back and forth a bit. My profile pics started with just my face, then I added one with a bit more cleavage, then one of my full body, over the course of two months I've slowly revealed my overweight hourglass shape to the online dating world. Each pic resulted in this cute athletic guy messaging me again, finally he wanted to meet me.

I knew it was to ogle my boobs, he admitted he was a boob man and that's where his interest in me lay. Sure enough when we met, his eyes were not on my face. I didn't want to feel any obligations so I insisted on buying the coffee and we sat down for a chat.

He was very polite, not forward at all, and although his eyes kept gravitating to my chest we were having a decent conversation. Then he started pulling back in his chair, grabbing at his stomach. His coffee wasn't even half done when he said his stomach hurt so much he had to leave.

I get bad stomach pains, to the point it feels like it's gonna explode inside me so I know stomach pain can be incapacitating. I didn't have any Zantac on me, unfortunately, and he left to go purchase some before making his way home. I was my usual polite, empathetic, understanding self as I sat there in the coffee shop at my table alone with everyone in the room knowing my date had just run for the hills.

Maybe he really had a sudden attack of gastric pain, maybe he didn't. He did message me again but not to reschedule, just a quick ah so sorry to have left you mid sentence but you do have a great attitude. Whatever. I guess we'll see if he contacts me again, but I'm not about to put him on any short list, no matter how cute, no matter how amazing his body is.

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