Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Girlfriend Found a Guy Online

There are decent guys to be found online dating. I went to lunch with the girls and my one friend who has been a single mom of two kids forever told us she has a boyfriend. A really 'nice' guy who she met online. Looking at his profile online she felt he was just a 'nice' guy who'd end up being a good friend, turns out he was better than that.

They had a great time on their first date and as time went on she found herself more and more attracted to him. When he finally kissed her, sparks!!!

They've been together for a month now and she's radiantly happy. I am thrilled for her, even though it means she'll be too busy with him to spend much time with the girls. I hope he turns out to be the Prince her life needs and she deserves.

After talking to all the creeps, perverts, and weirdos I seem to attract, it's nice to know that there is a light somewhere down the line and romance can be found online.

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