Thursday, 9 January 2014

Online Dating and Forward Women, Where did the Mystery Go?

I met someone new online. We chatted via text all evening, I like him and was happy to see he'd emailed me first thing this morning to tell me he was thinking of me. It feels good to know he desires me, thinks of me, and wants to know more about me.

He was on the dating site for less than a week when he messaged me and his image told me he probably wasn't someone I'd be serious about, yet he's turned out to be a sweet guy with a brain in his head. The one on his shoulders. A hot, really fit, muscular guy with a brain? I'm hooked.

He deleted his profile in less than a week, which had me a bit curious, so I asked why he'd left. He told me that he was getting 30 pictures a day of naked women asking him if he'd like to - you know. No coffee, no hey lets get to know each other, no friendship. Just right to the point. Some pics he said were of the girl's lower privates.

I found this very surprising and shocking. No wonder I look like a prude to these guys. In 20 years I never once considered taking a naked pic and giving it to my husband of the time. I sure as hell am not going to take one to send to a complete stranger.

To me, part of the desire of sex is the anticipation, the mystery, the subtle things.In my opinion a body is something to be explored in private, in the real world.  I believe my body is a gift to be unwrapped slowly like a Christmas present, not a hey here's what you're getting for Christmas I'll wrap it up for you to open later kind of gift.  That's why lingerie is so enticing.

If these women want complete strangers to view their private parts, they probably should consider a career with a smut magazine. They'll at least make some money. I understand that it feels great to know that someone desires you, however, it feels amazing when they are still able to use their imagination and anticipate what they are getting. Plus they'll be begging and will desire you longer when they don't get the goods right away. We always want what we can't have.

You only get one first time with any one person, why ruin it by showing the goods way before you even meet them?

What if you send them the pics of your goods and they reject you and you see them on the street, knowing full well they've seen naked pics of you?

I had one guy tell me I'd never get someone to meet me for coffee if I didn't send a naked pic first, that's how it worked now a days. Really? A manipulative statement like this means he's only thinking of himself and selfish men are probably going to be selfish in the bedroom, leaving a woman wanting. No thanks, I like to be completely satisfied.

Seriously? Girls get a grip, take control of the situation and play with the man's biggest sex organ, his brain. Flirt, tease, build the anticipation, don't just lay all your cards out on the table before you've even said hello. Keep them wanting. That's just my thought on the subject.

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