Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Online Dating and Sexting ... Seriously?

No wonder some of these guys are constantly looking for their next hook up and it's no surprise that they are single. These men have no idea how to talk to a woman and certainly don't have any respect for them. So why do women keep encouraging them? Why do women keep jumping in and out of their beds?

Since, I am writing an ebook series on the joys of online dating, I engage these idiots far more than I should to find out how they think, how they talk, what they promise. Maybe I'm wrong but if they are as skilled at pleasing a woman as they claim to be, they wouldn't need to go to an online dating site to find a willing partner, women would be lined up around the block for the chance to sleep with them again. 

Men are crude and visual. To them its only about the act, so their side of the conversation is very blunt and they seem to assume that women are turned on by their rude statements. I don't know about other woman, but I find wit, innuendo, and confidence so much sexier than trying to have sex over the internet. Crude statements about sexual positions and acts do not turn me on, being constantly asked if I'm wet is not going to get me to jump into some strangers bed. Just because they are good looking, doesn't mean they know what they are doing under the sheets.

Their mothers sure dropped the ball when teaching them how to treat, respect, and talk to women. I fear that it's too late for most of them to learn. 

As a writer I am able to use my skill to mess around a bit with their fantasy, but I got to tell you, I feel like I should be writing out a bill at the end of the conversation. Whatever happened to they mystery of dating? Whatever happened to exploring each? I swear some of these idiots have a checklist that they are going through and we haven't even met for coffee yet. 

Am I a total prude for thinking that questions about what I like where should be asked after a couple of actual real world dates? 

Lots of these guys have never been married and they are in their late forties. In ten to twenty years they are going to be old perverts trying to find some woman to pay attention to them and unless they have a lot of cash to throw around, they are going to be lonely old perverts.  I'm beginning to believe this demographic will be growing at an alarming rate over the next few years. 

The first two books of my series The Game of 51: Confessions of an online dater are filled with conversations from these types of perverts. Learn what they say, how they try to manipulate me into their beds with the promises they make... Have you had the same conversations? Trust me you are better than that. You deserve better than that. 

Sexting can be fun... With the right person who cares about you as a person and wants to protect you from the horrors of the real world. Otherwise, you'll just end up getting hurt or worse, exposed to the world. 

Got some sexting stories? Share them here or if Morgan can borrow your story to experience in her books, email me at thegameof51 at gmail.com.  All sources of stories and people will be kept confidential and details will be changed dramatically to protect the actual person's identity.