Monday, 3 February 2014

Creating a Better Online Dating Profile for my Ex

Online dating profiles are marketing pieces and should show you at your best. My ex-husband's online profile was not showing him at his best so I stepped in and helped him out. Until things with our divorce get ugly I am being as nice as possible to ensure stability for the kids. You may think I'm weird or maybe just a doormat, but my motives are anything from pure.

I want him to find someone else as soon as possible. Someone who will make him happy, someone who he can spend time with outside of the house, someone who will take his attention away from me and the kids. 

OK. Now that I've justified myself, I'll explain how I reworked his profile to make it more marketable. 

First pictures. He'd uploaded a bunch of selfies, non of which showed him as approachable, friendly or even nice. They were terrible. He needed pics of him in various situations, all of them with a smile to make him look more approachable and friendly. Plus, one very friendly profile pic showing his face with a smile on it. A good full body shot and the rest of him doing things that he enjoys. 

My girlfriend who found a boyfriend online used a pic that showed her crazy, comedic personality by having a funny crazy look on her face. The pic showed her personality and how pretty she is. Personality is a big part of who someone is so the pics and profile should mirror that. 

The write up. I took out the negative wording in my ex's profile, those things that would limit his response and narrowed his field way too much. KISS - Keep it simple stupid. The first two - three sentences are the most vital. Say who you are and why someone should consider you right away.  For example:

A hardworking, responsible guy with a great outlook on life seeking a long term partner to go boating with. 

A financially secure, responsible, guy with a great sense of humour looking for a woman who loves to laugh and fish to share my life with. 

A smart, confident woman who isn't easily offended and can laugh at herself.  I value honesty and intelligence above all else and am looking to get out of the house, meet people, and try new things.

It's called a hook. It says who you are, what you're looking for and why someone should consider reading your profile. It should be the first sentence in your profile. To create the hook sentence you have to ask questions.

What are my best qualities?
What do men I want look for in a woman? or visa versa
Do I want a long term relationship?
Why would someone want to be with me?
What do I have to offer someone?

With these answers write a sentence or two to highlight those things that matter most and then write about the other stuff. Make sure to put personality into your words, story, phrases. 

Good pics and good copy will help attract more response to your profile. 

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