Thursday, 13 February 2014

Got to Get OUT of the House - Social Assistance

The ex's latest temper tantrum has become more abusive so it's time to get out of the house. Problem is I can't afford to and he won't sell the house. A rock and a hard place to say the least. I have a few demands that have to be met before I leave because once I do I won't be able to get back in.

1. My name must be on title
2. I need first month rent & damage deposit 
3. I have to be approved for rent subsidy 

After I get out of the house then I can start fighting for what I am entitled to. I want 1/2 and he wants more than 1/2. On one side I have my parents and friends telling me not to let him push me around anymore and make sure I walk away with everything I'm entitled to. On the other side I have him yelling at me because his idea of fair and my idea of fair are two different things. 

I'm telling you. If you are married.... Don't get divorced. 

I've applied to social services, I've contacted charities, I've filled out forms, I've seen a lawyer. Paperwork takes time to collect and fill out. Then it takes time to process and for the most part I usually don't qualify or there is no help unless I want to go into a shelter or temporary housing.... OK well no I don't. I just need enough for the damage deposit and first month rent and to be approved for rental subsidy. 

Then once I'm out of the house I can apply for child support, but until then I don't even mention it because he has no intention of giving me a cent.


I put a lien on the house instead of getting on title.
I got the damage deposit and cheques for $400.00 a month (his mom's rent cheque)
I qualified for rent subsidy but they'll only give me $72.00 a month
I qualified for the food bank
I qualified for legal aid to address custody and protection acts

Ok so maybe I didn't get on title... the lawyer says the lien is basically the same thing and costs less plus he won't know unless he goes to sell or mortgage it causing him some distress in the future.

I didn't get the first months rent... that pisses me off but I did get five post dated cheques for the rent his mom is paying me to live there and now that I'm out I can go after him for child support. Plus once his mom moved in for the last week of the month, I didn't care about my conditions anymore I just wanted to get the hell out of Dodge... I never got a long with her before and now... 

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