Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Ex Wants to Kick Me OUT of the House

We've been separated a year, but we still live together as roommates. We live in a very expensive city and I can't afford rent because I don't make enough money.  He won't sell the house until the renos are done so I can't get the equity out of the house to help set me up.

He was supposed to have finished the renos last summer when I went to live with my parents... He bought a boat to work on instead.

Then he was supposed to go work up North for 20 days a month and come back for 10. Sounded like a perfect solution. The kids wouldn't move and we'd switch out of the house. I had a room lined up to rent and everything. Then he turned the job down and stayed. Renos still not done.

All of January I tried to figure out a solution. I looked for a second job, checked out rents, started dating to get out of the house. I spent my evenings in a coffee shop and my days at home.

Then he went to Mexico for a week. I should mention we've never been to an all inclusive 'hot' spot vacation in twenty years. I still haven't been. Not that I care, I just find it a bit ironic that he wouldn't go when he'd have to pay for two of us and then the minute it's just him, he goes. Any who... He came home and started yelling.

I mean yelling. He threw all the items in the recycling bin around the room because my son hadn't taken it out before he got home. He was pissed that I hadn't cleaned the bathroom. OK I'll give him that one, but if he'd seen it the day before he really would have had something to bitch about. Our son had made one huge mess of the room and I'd tidied it up. Just hadn't got to cleaning it. He was pissed because he couldn't see what to make himself for lunch. The pantry is stuffed, I'm the one who pays for groceries so there's food. You just have to actually make something. It's not an all inclusive buffet.

He wants me out. He wants me to find a place to rent by myself and leave the kids with him. He wants me out like yesterday and I'm not to contact a lawyer. Seriously? Well guess what, not only am I not leaving before I can afford to, I'm taking the kids and I will be talking to the free lawyer service. Not an ideal choice, but the only choice I can afford.

My other option is to leave the kids here and go home to live at my parents place. If he believes I really do nothing all day, maybe the three of them need to find out exactly what I do everyday and what I pay for.

I don't blame my kids at all. I spoil them, clean up after them, allow them all sorts of messes without consequences. I can't keep up when I have a full time job, even one from home, have a social life, food, dinners, errands, running kids around, laundry, tidying the house, dishes, and trying to jump start a new career as a writer of all things. I really should choose something that pays.

I've done it to myself, really. I do spend way too much time on the computer. I could have cleaned the bathroom instead of just tiding it and I could have done a few more things around the house before he came home. Did I mention I picked him up from the airport at midnight the night before his most recent blow up? But I don't do anything to make his life easier, so I have to get out of the house....

Hmmmm, I think this situation will run in book 4 or book 5 of The Game of 51 Series.

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