Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Ex wants to Control the Divorce

Once again he's told me not to talk to a lawyer, but this time he's also let me know that he's meeting with a lawyer for both of us. I wasn't invited to participate or to have any say in what I want because all that matters to him is what he wants. What baffles my mind is that after living with me for twenty years he thinks I'm stupid.

I already have an appointment with a lawyer booked today, which I neglected to mention to him. I have already photocopied all his accounts and financial paperwork. I have already made appointments with two realtors to come in and assess the home. I have written up some things I want for the Separation Agreement but those things are worded to be in his favour or what I know he would agree too and asked him to give me a written list of what he wants for the Agreement. I've kept what I know will be issues to myself. 

It blows my mind that he thinks I'm dumb enough to trust him to have my best interest at heart. Especially since he allowed the credit card company to ruin my credit over a four thousand dollar debt I couldn't make payments on because I was unemployed for a year. I was unemployed because when he moved us to the city, I lost my job and couldn't find another one, which is one of the reasons he's divorcing me. 

To get me out of the house he'll have to sign an Agreement that protects my rights to the house, which he'll be staying in and ensures it will be sold within a certain period of time. The Agreement will not address the issues of the children or support. I need to be out of the house before I can fight tooth and nail for what I'm entitled to. I don't care too much about dividing up the assets. I do care about where the children will be living and having enough cash to support them and their lives. 

I don't trust him. He thinks I do and that I won't go find out my rights etc. Sorry sweety but mama didn't raise no dummy. I've been placid, cooperative, and nice long enough. 

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