Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Finally Out after MIL Moved in

So my ex moved his mother in a week before I could get out of the house. Not the best situation to say it lightly. Her boy can do no wrong and I'm making things difficult. Really? He's the one who asked for the divorce, he's the one who won't pay me a cent, he's the one refusing to sell our house, he's the one demanding I don't talk to a lawyer or make a plan of action.  I'm the one making things difficult? I'm moving out of my beautiful 2570 square foot house and she's moving in all for $400.00 rent a month. Is she kidding me? I'm making things difficult?

I zoned out the whole week and thankfully I hurt my back so badly I could stay in bed watching TV for most of it. I couldn't write. I couldn't think. I certainly wasn't good company. The best part, I couldn't pick up a box so my ex, his mother, and the kids did all the heavy lifting to get me moved into my new place, an 800 square foot basement suite for $1000.00 a month.

No dishwasher. A kitchen 1/2 the size. Only 2 bedrooms for me and 2 teenagers. All the ex MIL could do was tell me the places she had found and how hard done by she was to have to rent a small place. No thank you. In fact they both demanded I thank them for helping me move out.... I'd told them I'd handle it, but my ex insisted on controlling the move. Did I mention he gave me rules about what to pack, where to put the stuff that won't fit into the place, what to do when I'm living there etc.... I can't remember them because I wasn't listening.

The good news. Now I get to fight back. I put a lien on the house to protect my share of it so he can't sell it or mortgage it without my say so. I have copies of all his accounts, tax info, etc. I collected two  assessments from Realtors. I took pictures of everything he is keeping and owns. I have met with lawyers to find out what I'm entitled to and have meetings with professionals to help me complete and file all the paperwork to get child support.

I've been so compliant and complacent for the last seven years that he forgot I am smart enough to know how to solve my problems. This should be an interesting year.

Marc has been around, but not really there. He says he feels for me.... what does that mean?

When I thought I was headed for a woman's shelter or my parents place I took a leave from work and sent Marc an email letting him know I wasn't going to be around for the foreseeable future. Then my life turned around in 48 hours and we were emailing again, however, he's more distant then before. More guarded and actively looking for someone else.  I should just step away.... but.... then what? I guess you'll have to read the books to find out....

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