Saturday, 8 March 2014

Can't Say the Right Thing to the Ex

I tried talking to the ex a couple of times this week and he blew up both times and then proceeded to freak out again when I went to the house to pack today. What did I say wrong?

My son needs shoes, clothes, and boots. The kid just won't stop growing and is hard on all his stuff. I can't afford to buy him anything new, so told him we'd have to go to the thrift stores. Well, he'd rather shop at the thrift stores because he doesn't want to contribute to the terrible conditions of slavery in the textile manufacturing industry by buying new clothes. Plus, we live in a pretty affluent area, so there are lots of really great clothes at these stores. 

I called the ex to see if he could pick them up from their activities yesterday because I was going out with some friends. I happened to mention that I was taking our son to the thrift store to get clothes before dropping him off at his activity. Yeah, I guess that was me making a dig that he was a terrible father. 

My ex got pissed and barked that our son is supposed to ask him to go shopping for clothes. Our teenager has his own ideas about fashion and his father, well, has his - cheap. The ex accused me of purposefully making him out to be a terrible father and me, being me, quickly communicated that it was our son's choice to go to a thrift store. I didn't want him thinking I know he's a bad father after all. 

The other time I said the wrong thing, I was being a bit of a bag. My brother is getting married and I got the invitation for me and the kids to the wedding. My ex is no longer invited. I called to see if he wanted me to get him an invitation because he was a member of the family for a long time. Really I just wanted him to know that my family no longer considered him part of theirs. That was pretty petty of me. He angrily called me on it and wasn't impressed, not that he wanted to go of course. 

Today, when I arrived to pack some of the crap left to go into boxes, he had a freak out attack again. Add that to me not telling him what I did last night with the girls.... In his mind I'm an easy slut who was getting laid by some guy last night and I need him to make sure I don't do something stupid. 

He might have a case there, considering that I was actually home video chatting with Marc and not out with friends. Smart I am not when it comes to that man. 

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