Saturday, 22 March 2014

Need to Focus on Writing not Dating

Went for a long drive with my best friend.... An eight hour drive to be exact. We talked about everything and she gave me a good talking to.  Sometimes it takes a girlfriend to get you back on track. I should be writing and focusing on polishing it for publishing. The ebooks are not polished, the story is erratic but there is a real story there.

I am currently working on book four and it hasn't been easy. I don't know why but I can't seem to write it. Not because I don't have material or because I don't have experiences... I mean I finally go on a couple actual meet the guys in the real world to my disappointment.... I am so obsesses with Marc though I keep looking for him, re reading his messages, trying to figure out how to move him closer to me.... Which I never will.

She was brutally honest and although she understands how 'hot' Marc makes me and how much I want him in the real world.... I need to fix me. I need to demand respect. I need to write my books and get on with my life. If he wants to be apart of my life he'll come around, if not, I'm sure there is some other guy out there that will make me just as 'hot' and will treat me well.

So onto finishing Book 4 and getting it uploaded....

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